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Order puts things in perspective.

This morning (July 24, 2010) I found myself making the bed for no particular reason. All of a sudden I started feeling an order and a purpose in the things I am doing in life (I even felt that making the bed had a purpose bigger than just making my room look nicer). When I looked at my room it looked ordered, quieter and neater. And I just had fixed the sheets of my bed a little. I realized that sometimes what we need in life to notice our problems or whatever it is that is keeping us from doing what we want is a little bit of order, we will put things in perspective and the answers will show up. We will get the space and quietness that we need, to tackle any situation with renewed motivation. So go ahead and fix your room, or livingroom maybe even the kitchen. You might be surprised.

Oh! And I have to admit that I’m not a person who regularly makes her bed but I think I’ll star doing it more often.

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