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Random Thoughts: I have them, you have them, let’s share them.

With this post I will try to explain my main motivation for this blog. Besides loving to write, one of the things that has pushed me into experimenting with blogging is wanting to write and share information in order to help others but also to learn from them. A thought can change a life and can change the world sometimes little by little other times with a big boom. All we need is a single thought.

We have countless thoughts every day some exist for a few seconds some live up to a minute and some can take three minutes of your time and atention. Most of them may be worthless and we just forget about them. But some are different and stay lingering for a few hours in our heads wanting to come out. Why not write about them then! These thoughts usually happen at times when we can’t stop doing what we are doing to write them down or record them for example like at work, while driving, eating, taking a shower, even sleeping. Some just happen unexpectedly and caught us unprepared. These random thoughts that arise for no particular reason and become strong enough to urge me into analylising, expanding and writing about them I call them life revelations, episodes of enlightment or simply quick thoughts. And it’s fun to hold them and then think about why did they appear when they did? What triggered them and to find the relation between the trigger and the message conveyed by them? I intend to catch as many of these “ghost thoughts” as I can and share them with you. Random thoughts are short and they don’t last long in the mind but they are full of meaning and information. I’m pretty sure that we all have experienced these moments of brilliance so I’m hoping we can all share them and learn from our random thoughts.

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