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Infinite Chances

I was having breakfast at my colleges’ cafeteria and I overheard a conversation from the person speaking on the table behind me, about chances and opportunities. I then got dragged to my inner thoughts about what a chance or an opportunity has meant to me in life.

Sometimes we think chances or an opportunity means being able to get what we lost back. Although it could happen it is often too late. Or maybe fix whatever it is that we did wrong. WRONG! A chance or an opportunity is merely a moment in space and time on which you don’t necesarilly get back what you lost but you reconciliate and accept that you lost it and you don’t fix what you did wrong (it happened you can’t erase it) but you can learn from it and avoid doing it again.

There are countless ways of having a chance or an opportunity and people think that they will be able to repeat what they failed in and do it again erasing the past. A chance never erases the past it only shapes the future by leting us do better than we did in the past. Don’t try to change anything with a chance or an opportunity since it is impossible and will be a waste of your time, instead construct a new future with the lessons learned.

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