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7 months of change

It took me 7 months to post here once again , but don’t think I have nothing to say to you. On the contrary I have a few things I would like to share. These are the highlights:

• A change no matter what causes it or when it happens brings good and positive things. And that is due to a change in setting.
• The comfort zone is not as good as it seems.
• You are never ready except when you actually act. If we wait
for the perfect moment it might never come. What we need
is the perfect desire and the perfect action.
• Experience (as I have said in previous posts) is still the #1 teacher.
We should never forget or take for granted any of our life
• Desire moves us, comfort makes us stagnate.

I learned all of this by moving from my comfort zone (my mom’s house) to my own apartment. Even though I knew I could do it I kept on procastinating. WRONG. It only delayed me and my posibilities in life. I have more responsibilities but also more freedom and flexibilities. And also more goals to achieve. All this makes my life more exciting at the same time. So when you feel uneasy don’t wait for the perfect conditions or the perfect moment a change of scenario might be what you need and everything else will accomodate.


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