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Do I plan or do I act

I am a person of planning. I love making to do lists, short and long term goals lists, step by step ways to achieve something, making budgets and calculating expenses etc… But for the last month, all that has changed. I merely keep in mind those things I must do and the rest lies in the back of my head waiting for their turn to be completed. As the days go by it’s like survival. I aim for the best and go ahead with my life. And is not that I live carelessly it is that I used to live with too much care. Actually so much that I ended up doing nothing. I used to do about 3 to 5 to do lists a week including the budget and expenses plan. Now I simply do it once or twice a month. I noticed that I became the slave of a list and restricted myself to that list all the time leaving too many things undone even when I had the list to guide me. I realized that life can’t be guided by an inflexible plan but by a flexible and capable of evolving course of action. Right now is about acting according to whatever life throws at you.. This is what is happening to me:

1. I must do something.
2. I act (do what ought to be done without much thought).
3. I move forward to the next step.

To do lists and plans should accomodate to life changes. You can cross over anything you decide not to do on the list or you can erase and put something else on that spot. But that never compares to actually doing it. From now on plans and to do lists will be to gain a perspective of where I am and where I want to be but the real drivig force will be action.

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