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Do I plan or do I act

I am a person of planning. I love making to do lists, short and long term goals lists, step by step ways to achieve something, making budgets and calculating expenses etc… But for the last month, all that has changed. I merely keep in mind those things I must do and the rest lies in the back of my head waiting for their turn to be completed. As the days go by it’s like survival. I aim for the best and go ahead with my life. And is not that I live carelessly it is that I used to live with too much care. Actually so much that I ended up doing nothing. I used to do about 3 to 5 to do lists a week including the budget and expenses plan. Now I simply do it once or twice a month. I noticed that I became the slave of a list and restricted myself to that list all the time leaving too many things undone even when I had the list to guide me. I realized that life can’t be guided by an inflexible plan but by a flexible and capable of evolving course of action. Right now is about acting according to whatever life throws at you.. This is what is happening to me:

1. I must do something.
2. I act (do what ought to be done without much thought).
3. I move forward to the next step.

To do lists and plans should accomodate to life changes. You can cross over anything you decide not to do on the list or you can erase and put something else on that spot. But that never compares to actually doing it. From now on plans and to do lists will be to gain a perspective of where I am and where I want to be but the real drivig force will be action.

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7 months of change

It took me 7 months to post here once again , but don’t think I have nothing to say to you. On the contrary I have a few things I would like to share. These are the highlights:

• A change no matter what causes it or when it happens brings good and positive things. And that is due to a change in setting.
• The comfort zone is not as good as it seems.
• You are never ready except when you actually act. If we wait
for the perfect moment it might never come. What we need
is the perfect desire and the perfect action.
• Experience (as I have said in previous posts) is still the #1 teacher.
We should never forget or take for granted any of our life
• Desire moves us, comfort makes us stagnate.

I learned all of this by moving from my comfort zone (my mom’s house) to my own apartment. Even though I knew I could do it I kept on procastinating. WRONG. It only delayed me and my posibilities in life. I have more responsibilities but also more freedom and flexibilities. And also more goals to achieve. All this makes my life more exciting at the same time. So when you feel uneasy don’t wait for the perfect conditions or the perfect moment a change of scenario might be what you need and everything else will accomodate.


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Build a Readership by Being an Interactive Blogger

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment
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We are all bloggers here and we want to share our thoughts, experiences, funny events anything that comes to our minds. We are usually told to build a readership by creating good content, offering value to our readers, learning to drive traffic to our site and so on to promote our blog but I think that us here at wordpress are not doing a few things that could get us closer to one another’s blog and atract some readers. We need to be supportive to each other and do a few things to make our blogs more enjoyable and interesting and this are a few ways to do it:

  1. Like a post: we are not experts at blogging and I have said this many times but if you read a post that’s interesting, funny and you simply like it don’t be afraid of being the first one to click.
  2. Subscribe: Don’t think you’ll get hundreds of emails by doing this so don’t be afraid to do it. Most of us post once or twice a week so I think subscribing to at least 5 blogs to start ( if you realy like the blog) is fine. Scan other people’s blog and if you find it worthy of subscribing then do.
  3. Make good comments: If you do this people reading them may feel interested in you and will visit your blog. If they comment in any of your posts you can check their blog too and see what are they writing about.
  4. Make a “contact me” page: This is good to let your readers know that they can get closer to you by email, twitter, facebook, messenger or any other social media.
  5. Let others see you: The idea of putting a picture of me was kind of scary at first but then as I visited other people’s blog I saw that those who had real pictures of them ( wether it was really them or not) got my attention more than those who had an avatar or nothing at all. So pick up a nice picture of you. Believe me it won’t hurt.

These are just a few tips to start being interactive in the wordpress community or in any blog you visit. Do you have any others?

Making Time

August 24, 2010 2 comments

This past week has been a busy one filled with work overload (at college) and stress at work too. I have been struggling to get things done on a schedule specially since I’m in final exams. Things have turned out pretty well but while on the process I noticed that I was lacking time. Specially to cover the study material for my exams. That’s when I reasoned about time and told myself: well, I can’ slow time, stop it or even reverse it. And I certainly can’t create time but I could make time. How? Making a few adjustments. So this is what I did:

1. First I needed some quiet time to put my thoughts in order and decide how to make time. So I listened to music while relaxing.

2. Then I paused blogging so that I could finish what was at hand first but never giving up on ideas to blog about. ( Blogging and learning about blogging can be really time consuming :p).

3. I started to go to bed early so that I could wake up earlier and be more productive ( I tend to be productive after a good rest early in the mornings).

4. I did what I had to do when I had to do it, to minimize the acumulation of work.

5. I rewadrded myself after completing the tasks, not before.

Now I can relax and go back to my normal rithm. So what do you do when you lack time and feel like everything is accumulating and you won’t be able to finish it properly and on time?

Here are two links to posts related to this subject. They offer good tips on how to manage and organize your time:

To Blog Or Not To Blog

August 14, 2010 4 comments

Why would you want to blog? Because you have something to say. Everybody’s got something to say and it’s ok to share it. You might say “but who is going to read it or even see my blog?” Let me tell you that I’m still learning the mysterious ways of the web but believe me people find you and read you. I started this blog on July 22, 2010 and my first post came out on July 25th 2010. Since then up till today (August 14, 2010) this blog has been seen 318 times. Not much right; but considering that if I hadn’t started this blog that number would have been zero I feel pretty happy and proud of myself :D. Ranking, comments and the number of likes on my blog or posts is irrelevant for me at this time. It’s something that all bloggers want but for now, as long as I see my number of visits raising (even if it is by 2) I feel the satisfaction that someone somewhere read a few words of something I wrote.

So… to blog or not to blog? Well blog of course! Write about anything you like. Believe me, someone out there will read you. You do have to be clear about a few things: is it just for fun?, for sharing your likes and interests with people interested on the same things as you are? Or do you have another plan? For example I blog because I want to share my thoughts, ideas and my knowledge on certain topics and because I like writing. But I’m also learning all there is to learn about blogging because I want to have my own domain. That’s why I call this my experimental blog. I’m hoping this blog will help me identify the main topic or topics of my future .com blog.

Now going back to the blogging issue.. yes! Blog. Here are a few random topics I thought of that you could write about:

Common topics

  1. Music – you can write about your favorite music, artist, musical instruments, new sounds or musical integrations.
  2. Books – you can write about the books you are reading or have read and post a quick review or summary.
  3. Writing –  writing styles, methods, history or evolution of writing, writing in other cultures.
  4. Personal – you can make kind of a diary and share your  life experiences.
  5. Religion – write about your faith, beliefs, revelations, religious life.

Not so common topics:

  1. Pens and Pencils – I would love to see a blog talking about kinds of pens and pencils that exist in the world, prices, manufacture, quality of ink for the pens or wood for the pencils.
  2. Numbers – their meaning, symbolism, interpretation of them, the importance of numbers around the world, uses.
  3. Paper – kinds of paper, uses, quality, production.
  4. Weird pictures – if you like taking pictures fill your blog with interesting pictures and write about them. For example I always take pictures on my phone when I find them interesting or they give me an idea to write. Some of them I use for my posts.

As you can see there are many things you can blog about. There is no limit to it! All you need is the desire to say something, passion to share and transmit your thoughts and an open mind combined with a good imagination to keep posts and ideas coming. There is always something to write about. I’ts not about the topic its about the way you present it. 😉

Should you blog? That’s a big YES!!!

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On A Traffic Light

August 9, 2010 3 comments

A few days ago on my way to work I was stuck on a red light. There was a beggar asking for money car by car and as he came closer I could see that every time someone gave him a few cents he would put them away and show the empty cup again. In a matter of minutes I was making computations and wondering : how much do this people make daily if… let’s say they do a 6 hr  “shift”? Supposing traffic lights change every 2 or 3 minutes (I chose every two minutes) and on each light the beggar gets 25 cents (way too conservative amount, I’ve seen people give them a dollar) that’s $7.50 an hour! Then I supposed again that to avoid mid day sun, the beggar stands on the light from 8 a.m to 11 a.m (and they actually rise early because I also see them at 6 a.m on my way to college) leaves, and then comes back at 5 p.m until 8 p.m. That’s 6 hrs in a day at $7.50 = $45 daily. And assuming they work 5 days a week this equals $450 dollars every 2 weeks. Are you following me? I’m saying that a person standing on a light for 6 hrs makes only $120 dollars less than me! And the question is: where do they put it? Why do they still live on the streets? Take into account that they might be doing more than the conservative 6 hrs I made up and they might even do it the 7 days of the week. That’s 42 hrs a week @ $7.50 = $315 weekly or $630 every two weeks or $1,260 monthly! Without paying taxes! OK who wants to go to the streets with me?

No people, seriously I’m really curious about what this people is doing with the money. Why can’t they make their life better? I mean it’s a good amount of money considering what they do.

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Why I love being wrong?

August 5, 2010 1 comment

Yeah… I actually like being wrong even though the moment of embarrasement or repentance is hard to bear sometimes. And you know why? Because it’s the only natural and most efective way to getting better at not making mistakes. It’s a fact that we don’t learn most things by advice or by logic but from trial and error. It’s our nature. We have to experience it no matter how many times we are told the way it is.

Why do you think experience is so much more important in some jobs (or should I say most jobs) than achievements, degrees etc… They’d rather have an experienced person (who by my definition is someone who has been exposed to making misakes many times) prepared to handle any situation because real life feedback is much better than sistematic education on a subject.

So following my line of reasoning being wrong gives you the knowledge and experience necesary to achieve goals and build character. It’s like having a personal data base of answers to resolve situations and make decisions. We should take advantage of the “negativity” of being wrong and absorb the positive. There is so much that can be learned this way !!

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