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To Blog Or Not To Blog

August 14, 2010 4 comments

Why would you want to blog? Because you have something to say. Everybody’s got something to say and it’s ok to share it. You might say “but who is going to read it or even see my blog?” Let me tell you that I’m still learning the mysterious ways of the web but believe me people find you and read you. I started this blog on July 22, 2010 and my first post came out on July 25th 2010. Since then up till today (August 14, 2010) this blog has been seen 318 times. Not much right; but considering that if I hadn’t started this blog that number would have been zero I feel pretty happy and proud of myself :D. Ranking, comments and the number of likes on my blog or posts is irrelevant for me at this time. It’s something that all bloggers want but for now, as long as I see my number of visits raising (even if it is by 2) I feel the satisfaction that someone somewhere read a few words of something I wrote.

So… to blog or not to blog? Well blog of course! Write about anything you like. Believe me, someone out there will read you. You do have to be clear about a few things: is it just for fun?, for sharing your likes and interests with people interested on the same things as you are? Or do you have another plan? For example I blog because I want to share my thoughts, ideas and my knowledge on certain topics and because I like writing. But I’m also learning all there is to learn about blogging because I want to have my own domain. That’s why I call this my experimental blog. I’m hoping this blog will help me identify the main topic or topics of my future .com blog.

Now going back to the blogging issue.. yes! Blog. Here are a few random topics I thought of that you could write about:

Common topics

  1. Music – you can write about your favorite music, artist, musical instruments, new sounds or musical integrations.
  2. Books – you can write about the books you are reading or have read and post a quick review or summary.
  3. Writing –  writing styles, methods, history or evolution of writing, writing in other cultures.
  4. Personal – you can make kind of a diary and share your  life experiences.
  5. Religion – write about your faith, beliefs, revelations, religious life.

Not so common topics:

  1. Pens and Pencils – I would love to see a blog talking about kinds of pens and pencils that exist in the world, prices, manufacture, quality of ink for the pens or wood for the pencils.
  2. Numbers – their meaning, symbolism, interpretation of them, the importance of numbers around the world, uses.
  3. Paper – kinds of paper, uses, quality, production.
  4. Weird pictures – if you like taking pictures fill your blog with interesting pictures and write about them. For example I always take pictures on my phone when I find them interesting or they give me an idea to write. Some of them I use for my posts.

As you can see there are many things you can blog about. There is no limit to it! All you need is the desire to say something, passion to share and transmit your thoughts and an open mind combined with a good imagination to keep posts and ideas coming. There is always something to write about. I’ts not about the topic its about the way you present it. 😉

Should you blog? That’s a big YES!!!

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