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Do I plan or do I act

I am a person of planning. I love making to do lists, short and long term goals lists, step by step ways to achieve something, making budgets and calculating expenses etc… But for the last month, all that has changed. I merely keep in mind those things I must do and the rest lies in the back of my head waiting for their turn to be completed. As the days go by it’s like survival. I aim for the best and go ahead with my life. And is not that I live carelessly it is that I used to live with too much care. Actually so much that I ended up doing nothing. I used to do about 3 to 5 to do lists a week including the budget and expenses plan. Now I simply do it once or twice a month. I noticed that I became the slave of a list and restricted myself to that list all the time leaving too many things undone even when I had the list to guide me. I realized that life can’t be guided by an inflexible plan but by a flexible and capable of evolving course of action. Right now is about acting according to whatever life throws at you.. This is what is happening to me:

1. I must do something.
2. I act (do what ought to be done without much thought).
3. I move forward to the next step.

To do lists and plans should accomodate to life changes. You can cross over anything you decide not to do on the list or you can erase and put something else on that spot. But that never compares to actually doing it. From now on plans and to do lists will be to gain a perspective of where I am and where I want to be but the real drivig force will be action.

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On A Traffic Light

August 9, 2010 3 comments

A few days ago on my way to work I was stuck on a red light. There was a beggar asking for money car by car and as he came closer I could see that every time someone gave him a few cents he would put them away and show the empty cup again. In a matter of minutes I was making computations and wondering : how much do this people make daily if… let’s say they do a 6 hr  “shift”? Supposing traffic lights change every 2 or 3 minutes (I chose every two minutes) and on each light the beggar gets 25 cents (way too conservative amount, I’ve seen people give them a dollar) that’s $7.50 an hour! Then I supposed again that to avoid mid day sun, the beggar stands on the light from 8 a.m to 11 a.m (and they actually rise early because I also see them at 6 a.m on my way to college) leaves, and then comes back at 5 p.m until 8 p.m. That’s 6 hrs in a day at $7.50 = $45 daily. And assuming they work 5 days a week this equals $450 dollars every 2 weeks. Are you following me? I’m saying that a person standing on a light for 6 hrs makes only $120 dollars less than me! And the question is: where do they put it? Why do they still live on the streets? Take into account that they might be doing more than the conservative 6 hrs I made up and they might even do it the 7 days of the week. That’s 42 hrs a week @ $7.50 = $315 weekly or $630 every two weeks or $1,260 monthly! Without paying taxes! OK who wants to go to the streets with me?

No people, seriously I’m really curious about what this people is doing with the money. Why can’t they make their life better? I mean it’s a good amount of money considering what they do.

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Random Thoughts: I have them, you have them, let’s share them.

With this post I will try to explain my main motivation for this blog. Besides loving to write, one of the things that has pushed me into experimenting with blogging is wanting to write and share information in order to help others but also to learn from them. A thought can change a life and can change the world sometimes little by little other times with a big boom. All we need is a single thought.

We have countless thoughts every day some exist for a few seconds some live up to a minute and some can take three minutes of your time and atention. Most of them may be worthless and we just forget about them. But some are different and stay lingering for a few hours in our heads wanting to come out. Why not write about them then! These thoughts usually happen at times when we can’t stop doing what we are doing to write them down or record them for example like at work, while driving, eating, taking a shower, even sleeping. Some just happen unexpectedly and caught us unprepared. These random thoughts that arise for no particular reason and become strong enough to urge me into analylising, expanding and writing about them I call them life revelations, episodes of enlightment or simply quick thoughts. And it’s fun to hold them and then think about why did they appear when they did? What triggered them and to find the relation between the trigger and the message conveyed by them? I intend to catch as many of these “ghost thoughts” as I can and share them with you. Random thoughts are short and they don’t last long in the mind but they are full of meaning and information. I’m pretty sure that we all have experienced these moments of brilliance so I’m hoping we can all share them and learn from our random thoughts.

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