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Build a Readership by Being an Interactive Blogger

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment
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We are all bloggers here and we want to share our thoughts, experiences, funny events anything that comes to our minds. We are usually told to build a readership by creating good content, offering value to our readers, learning to drive traffic to our site and so on to promote our blog but I think that us here at wordpress are not doing a few things that could get us closer to one another’s blog and atract some readers. We need to be supportive to each other and do a few things to make our blogs more enjoyable and interesting and this are a few ways to do it:

  1. Like a post: we are not experts at blogging and I have said this many times but if you read a post that’s interesting, funny and you simply like it don’t be afraid of being the first one to click.
  2. Subscribe: Don’t think you’ll get hundreds of emails by doing this so don’t be afraid to do it. Most of us post once or twice a week so I think subscribing to at least 5 blogs to start ( if you realy like the blog) is fine. Scan other people’s blog and if you find it worthy of subscribing then do.
  3. Make good comments: If you do this people reading them may feel interested in you and will visit your blog. If they comment in any of your posts you can check their blog too and see what are they writing about.
  4. Make a “contact me” page: This is good to let your readers know that they can get closer to you by email, twitter, facebook, messenger or any other social media.
  5. Let others see you: The idea of putting a picture of me was kind of scary at first but then as I visited other people’s blog I saw that those who had real pictures of them ( wether it was really them or not) got my attention more than those who had an avatar or nothing at all. So pick up a nice picture of you. Believe me it won’t hurt.

These are just a few tips to start being interactive in the wordpress community or in any blog you visit. Do you have any others?

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