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Why I love being wrong?

August 5, 2010 1 comment

Yeah… I actually like being wrong even though the moment of embarrasement or repentance is hard to bear sometimes. And you know why? Because it’s the only natural and most efective way to getting better at not making mistakes. It’s a fact that we don’t learn most things by advice or by logic but from trial and error. It’s our nature. We have to experience it no matter how many times we are told the way it is.

Why do you think experience is so much more important in some jobs (or should I say most jobs) than achievements, degrees etc… They’d rather have an experienced person (who by my definition is someone who has been exposed to making misakes many times) prepared to handle any situation because real life feedback is much better than sistematic education on a subject.

So following my line of reasoning being wrong gives you the knowledge and experience necesary to achieve goals and build character. It’s like having a personal data base of answers to resolve situations and make decisions. We should take advantage of the “negativity” of being wrong and absorb the positive. There is so much that can be learned this way !!

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